Barcraft FX Features

Barcraft FX is a unique service that allows individuals to invest Bitcoin or Ethereum from the comfort of their home in fiat currencies or crypto-currencies.

  • Designed for everyone

    Our platform is reliable and easy to use with our 24/7 support available just for you.

  • All the tools you want

    Zero knowledge of Barcraft FX is required as our Capital Market Investors will be doing the trade and minning for you.

  • Multiple asset classes

    Return on investment can be cashed out directly to your bank account associated with your Barcraft FX account or your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet and the capital can be reinvested.


Investment strategy on autopilot

Other sites let you buy cryptocurrency. We help you invest in it. Barcraft FX simplifies the trading experience by making it possible to manage your portfolio without interfacing directly with exchanges. Set your strategy, we take care of the rest.We make investing in crypto safer, faster and easier than ever before. Our unique selection of investment products, award-winning customer support team and behaviourally-driven rewards program creates an investment experience unlike any other. Our Bundles are like the S&P 500 for crypto so you can easily diversify your portfolio across the top crypto assets at a low cost in just a few clicks.


Barcraft FX Platform

Make life easy for your customers. Embed our platform into your store for instant digital asset payments – with zero fees or cashbacks.

  • Automatic conversion

    Our platform helps in rate conversion and gives updates on current exchange rates.

  • Risk Management

    Barcraft FX allows you to choose a level of risk with which you’re comfortable.

  • Quick to set up

    Setup is easy and we also have specialized agents to walk you through the process.


BRONZE PLAN Earn 3% daily for 30 Days

$1,000.00 - $50,000.00 investment
Time bonus
Referral bonus
and more...


SILVER PLAN Earn 7% daily for 30 Days

$3,000.00 - $100,000.00 investment
Time bonus
Referral bonus
and more...


GOLD PLAN Earn 9% daily for 60 Days

$5,000.00 - $150,000.00 investment
Time bonus
Referral bonus
and more...

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Funds management

Barcraft FX simplifies the trading and investment system by helping in management.

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