Barcraft FX allows
people to control their wealth

Auto Trading By Investment

Instantly invest in pre-built portfolios and strategies curated into investment packages from leading hedge funds and traders.


Buy, Sell & Trade.

Instantly trade portfolio in or out of stablecoins or allocate a portion of your portfolio to any asset with a beautiful interface designed for simplicity.

Guaranteed Profit

Regardless of current or future price fluctuations, your agreed interest rate is applied with ZERO risk at tenure end.

Protected by Insurance

Cryptocurrency stored on our servers is covered by our insurance policy.

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All coin control

We only trade on the most reputable global exchanges. Reducing the risk of relying on any single point of failure.


We combine cold storage, multi-signature encrypted wallets and MPC technology with leading global custody partners.

Multiple currency

Easily manage multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat money!